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=) Applying [Aug. 21st, 2007|03:27 pm]
The Gravitation Role Play
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I'll just type up a form, here...

Your Real Name: Katherine

Position Requested: Suguru Fujisaki, keyboardist/sythesizer player for Bad Luck

Character Age: 16, birthday July 6.

Character Personality: Suguru, whose name is often shortened to 'Sugu', sports a calm, perfectionist outer shell, just like his older cousin Tohma. Inside, however, he is surprisingly versatile, perceiving what the situation calls for and changing his 'personality' accordingly and with ease. He is intelligent and seems to often be able to read between the lines, knowing what someone wants to or is trying to say before the other person may know themselves.
Suguru is very flirtatious when he feels like it, and likes to gauge his victim's reactions. He sympathizes with animals, (secretly of course!) of all things, and almost nothing makes him happier than to see a content creature at rest. His favorite animals are cats.

Suguru Fujisaki seems superficial to the naked eye, although, underneath it all, he caters to an advanced crush on his bandmate, Hiroshi. Though he has flirted with the guitarist before, it has never seemed (to him, at least) that Hiro has accepted, or even understood, his emotions towards him.

Character Physical Description: Suguru stands at a slightly below average five foot nine. His light skin compliments his dark green hair, which is often spiked a bit in the back. He weighs 134 pounds, which is light for his size, and is particularly lean. He often wears nice dress clothes to work, although he has a habit of getting straight into his pajamas when he gets home for relaxation time.

I haven't roleplayed in a while, so, excuse me if this ol' veteran is a bit rusty. =p

-Scurries away- Koosh koosh, all! I hope I get to know you all a lot better! 

Oh, yes.  My Instant Messenger for MSN is youkaibladermax@yahoo.com, which is also my e-mail.  Please, feel free to e-mail me or IM me for roleplay, or anything, really.  =3

Ahh, thoughts...Hmm...

^^ Hope I get accepted.