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It's Gravitation

The Gravitation Role Play
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Rating- Ages 14 and Up
*For many reasons, also that Gravitation is an anime dealing with Homosexuality, male/male, or female/female, so if you have a problem with that, you should not be here.*

Hello and Welcome to The Gravitation Role Playing Game. You are welcome to take a part that has not yet been filled. In order to claim a role you must post in the community and ask if you can have that role. Pretty easy eh? Okay now follow the rules below.

1. Respect other users, and if you don’t you will be banned.
2. When you post a RPG, please post it under an lj-cut.
3. When you ask to play a character please look at the list below to see which roles are taken.
4. This community is brand new, and is sill building up, so please be patient.
5. Also the characters must still be in character, lets say you apply for Eiri Yuki, and you’re a really funny person, and you make Yuki a really funny person, uh no. The Character you play must stay in character
6. That is all now have fun, and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

Where does The RPG take place?
Yes a frequently asked question.
The RPG will be taking place on IM.
If it is only two characters then it will be taking place on IM. If it is more then two characters we will make the RPG in a Private chat room that I created.
Then when we are finished, I take the RPG, and spell check everything and see if it’s alright, then I post it in the community for every one to read. In order to play the RPG, we must know each other’s IM, so when you apply for a role please post your IM. Thank you.

The RPG Characters (these roles are filled)
Eiri Yuki- persephfone
Ryuichi- eponymous0ne IM- ShuichiRabbit
Tatsuha- aionwatha IM- aionwatha

Visit the character’s Live Journal
Ryuichi- ryuichibunny
Tatsuha- teh_fanboi